Mountainside Resort at Stowe Ice Sculpture 2024

The Mountainside Resort at Stowe’s annual ice carving event was a success! It was a delightful and festive occasion, and it’s great that so many people were able to enjoy the festivities. Offering coffee, hot chocolate, and tea added a cozy touch to the event.

Mark Crouthamel and his daughter from Sculpted Ice Works Inc. in Lakeville, Pennsylvania, deserve special thanks for their impressive ice carving skills. It’s fantastic that they were able to stay with The Mountainside Resort at Stowe for the event, and it’s even better to hear that we will see them again next year. Their contribution undoubtedly added a unique and artistic element to the celebration and our Resort.

For those who couldn’t attend, we have created videos and plenty of photos to share the experience and allow others to enjoy the event virtually. This effort to include and engage the broader community reflects a commitment to spreading joy and celebrating creativity.

Congratulations again on the successful ice carving event, and here’s to many more in the future!

A Note from the Stowe Winter Carnival

First, I want to thank all of you Ice Carving enthusiasts and loyal supporters of Stowe Winter Carnival, Inc. ahead of time! I have been coordinating the Stowe Winter Carnival Ice Carving Festival for 23 years now and 95% of my Professional Ice Carvers are returning this year again!    After Covid, the Ice Carving industry was hit hard because it has a BIG life in the hospitality service industry. As you can imagine, when everything closed, there was NO work for Professional Ice Carvers. Most of these Professional Ice Carvers have their own or related Ice Carving businesses or are in the teaching field and we applaud them for serving through Covid times!

That being said, they all love Stowe and a big part of that is the generous and supportive Resort family of Stowe which hosts our Ice Carvers!  So much gratitude to all Resorts involved! Also, a big thanks to our loyal local Stowe Businesses who have supported our Ice Carving Demonstration Day year after year!  Stowe Winter Carnival is indebted to you for your financial support. I have kept our ice sculpture prices lower than ANYWHERE in the United States and am proud of this! Without major sponsors in the future, things may change, yet let’s celebrate SWC 2024’s Ice Carving Demonstration Day with over 30+ Businesses and Resorts participating! 
Cheers to you all with much gratitude. Long Live Ice Carving!
~ Huntly Armbruster